The Weirdest Compliment I Have Ever Received

Compliment people, they said. Magnify their strengths, they said … In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ve accosted asked some people about the weirdest compliment they’ve ever received from someone.

Behold: odd compliments received (so far).

 “Your face is shining today.” @nadardin


“You look and sound like a serial killer.”@syprux.ef


“You have the underage face, that’s my type.” – @muslimnazari


“You got good karma.” @bernicechui


“I feel that you made me feel belong as a person and loving, but how I wished you speak fluent Chinese.” – @arron_francis


[Upon seeing me wearing a miniskirt for the first time]: “OMG you look so cute. But cute isn’t a word that I would associate with you.” – @rachel_alexandrina


“You’re like this weird cross between smart and sketchy.” – @shahmanrogers


[On looking younger than my age] “I dated you so we can get tickets at child price.” – @kookykrumb



“I like your nose. It’s all crooked.” – @pierrejdsouza


“Your BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) makes you pretty high on the hot/crazy scale. I like that shit.” – @hannahcyanide



“You’re from Arab Saudi, right? Marry me so you can take me to Jannah with you!” – @samiisaleem


“You have such exquisite eyebrows!”


What has been the weirdest thing someone has ever said to you? Send them over so that we can maybe make a Part 2.

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