4 Malaysian “Sins” We’re Guilty Of When We’re Abroad

Us Malaysians love travelling – it broadens our perspectives, immerses us in new cultures, yada yada yada….and also spike up the hearts on our Instagram dashboards.

Other than customising our very own unique hashtag to commemorate our journey outside the 38 degrees of sweltering sun and the never ending traffic jams that plague our bustling cities, there are some other things that we Malaysians are super guilty of whenever we go abroad, wherever that might be.

 Chilli all day, err day!

chili-red-sharp-spice-42259.jpegWe love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all….we love our lada (chilli)! Yours truly made an embarrassing mistake whilst travelling in the United States of America. After confidently selecting the type of bread, cheese and egg I’d like to go with my breakfast sub, I left the lady behind the counter completely dumbstruck when I went, “Can I just have chilli sauce? Thanks.”

She looked at me like I was speaking Italian and me, still completely jet lagged, wondered what the heck was she waiting for as she stood there by the condiments bottle, hands unmoving. It took my husband a minute to gently nudge me and reminded me that, “They don’t have chilli sauce in America, honey.”

Got Maggi, no worries!

ramen.pngTravelling for more than a week, you say? We absolutely must have a ready stock of at least a dozen cups of Maggi Hot Cup in our luggages. Pack the sambals, make it as airtight as possible!

While we love exploring different flavours once in a while, admit it, the Malaysian tastebud knows better that our local food is probably the best food. But seeing as we can’t bring all the nasi lemak and char kuey teow with us around the world, our trusty ole Maggi Hot Cup would keep us going after a long day of baguettes and bagels…which was why I was extremely grateful that my friends packed in an extra pack of Maggi that became like a beacon of hope for hungry souls thousands of miles away from home.


To the left, to the left..

IMG_3496bfree.jpgSpeaking again from a very personal, very embarrassing first hand experience, yours truly had an “Oops I Did It Again” moment with a very amused Uber driver.

Fresh off the plane after what was a total of 23 hours on flight, the soles of my suede loafers hit the concrete confidently as I walked up to an elegant black Hyundai with a cheery Florida registration plate at the back. After cross checking on the Uber app that this was my designated driver, my companions and I casually stroll over to our ride, with me leading the pack up to the left passenger side…only to have my Uber driver rolled down his window with a bewildered look, “Miss, you sit on the other side…”

Damn it.

For some weird reason, we kept making the mistake of wanting to get in on the left passenger side even after a full week of being abroad. Old habits die hard, eh?

“Ee, toilet sini takde air!”


How many times have we gone all the way to the furthest surfaces of the Earth away from our beloved motherland and found ourselves holding that toilet call for one extra minute if possible because, well, “Toilet sini takde air!”

How do these people survive without a bidet, we ask ourselves for the umpteenth time despite having encountered the exact same situation in many different countries before. Travelling to countries that do not use/provide bidets can be a little uncomfortable for us squeaky clean little mice, probably because it has been ingrained as second nature to us ever since we enter and become functioning members of the Malaysian society.

You never know what homesickness really is until your plane finally hit the tarmac and when you walk into KLIA/KLIA 2, you see lines of cubicles open and ready to embrace you…with bidets at your service! 😉


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