[Short Story]: Trainwreck

“Come on you’re gonna be late”. I get woken up to my sister pushing me out of bed. Work sucks and I really don’t want to go. Since graduating I’ve been working this dead end job, super single, car killed itself. Is this what the ‘real world’ is? I guess I’m too lazy to shave today. Maybe they’ll fire me. My sister sends me to the KTM station and surprise surprise it’s going to be late. Once I finally get on it’s super packed. A cute guy gets on. You always see the super cute ones on the train where you’ll never see them again. He looks at his phone then catches me staring. He smiles and I look away. No need to get attached to a stranger. At work my boss announces our new intern. It’s the cute guy. He smiles at me.

About The Author

J-Han was a reserved child growing up. He spent most of his time making friends with the little bugs in the garden and went on many an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with Bruno his dog. Many years down the road he is much less reserved but still makes friends with the bugs that come into his room this time with a new partner, Momo.

Instagram: @lokejhan

Artist’s Instagram: @gragedamn

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