[FANFICTION] First Time Writers & FanFiction

by Adam Majid

Soo…. Where does an aspiring writer or novelist try to get their first start in writing? I have no idea where everyone else would start, but me, I started out writing Fanfiction many years ago. Fanfiction is one of those strange things where you can jump right in and start creating characters and a story in a pre-existing world, created by someone else. It is also possible to take the existing characters and then have them get in to some sort of mad-cap-mad-house adventure of your own devising. After all, you are writing it, so you control it.

I took the plunge in fanfiction writing, and would take this opportunity to showcase one shorter piece, set in the grim, war torn and semi-shattered future of mankind, set in the world of WarHammer 40,000. In a universe where alien, genetically enhanced super soldiers, malevolent hive-minded swarms, and zombies created through a fusion of magic and science all fight each other to rule the Universe, I thought I’d try something different and focus on the average humans – the Imperial Guard – involved in this seething madhouse of war and chaos.

I am pleased and a little bit proud to present: – “Healers of the Imperial Guard.”  This short piece combines a good blend of combat action from the frontlines of the war, along with the rarely seen other side of combat: – The Medicae, the men and women who patch up the wounded so that they can return to the frontline to win the Emperor his victories.

anythinglah submission image 04022018

The Official Synopsis: – “We have heard of the wars that the Imperium fights, we have seen the wars, crusades and battles fought. The God-Emperor will guide and protect the fallen, the living will fight on. but what of the wounded? The tale of the Imperial Guard Medicae on one of the many war shattered worlds of the Imperium.”

You can find the full fanfiction here:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6839974/1/Healers-of-the-Imperial-Guard

And you can find the rest of my fanfiction here:https://www.fanfiction.net/u/465790/Eristarisis

Read and enjoy lah!


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