love in the millennial age

millennial love is when you send a message, watching the ellipsis beep steadily like a heartbeat on your chat app and hoping that it doesn’t flatline. love is writing posts for people on your tumblr account, hoping that they see, they like, they reply. everything is about waiting and we are an impatient generation.

millennial love is writing poetry and reblogging things on your tumblr, retweeting things on twitter hoping that they’ll get the unsaid message across. love is staring at your WhatsApp and wondering why they’re online but not texting you. love is wondering who else they could be texting.

millennial love isn’t too different from the generations before us, except there are so many ways to stalk a person now and break ups involve a lot of blocking, muting and deleting of photos. it’s knowing that the person you could potentially date in the future could stumble across a photo of you and your ex and wonder, but they were so happy. we all know photographs lie and everyone does it for the ‘gram, but who knows.

it’s harder to sit down and burn all the photographs in a cathartic bonfire when you have to comb through your socials and cull the photos one. by. one. it’s harder because you scroll down your feed and each photo is a memory and you can’t chuck them in a box and set it on fire. it’s harder because millennial love involves broadcasting that to your 1000+ Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, and now you’re trying to scrub the memories clean but you can’t mind wipe everyone who follows you.

KL is incestuous enough that when you’re a millennial, everyone’s dated everyone in your circle. someone knows someone who follows someone who dated this one person you know, and suddenly you know all the little stories about them that you really had no desire to know. reputation is a very hard thing to shake off in this small but big city.

millennial love is all about who knows you, not who you know.

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