5 Malaysian Underground Rappers You Might Have Never Heard Of

We Malaysians are quite abrasive when it comes to not only our local produce (the further away it is imported from, the better), movies (no Chris Hemsworth, no watch), **whispers** people (admit it, we’re all swimming in pools of racism) … but we are harsher when it comes to accepting our own people’s music. Yeah, you say, there’s Yuna. But she’s out there and international, but we pay no mind to those hustling each and every day here. Ever heard of other Malaysian rappers? Aside from Joe Flizzow, Altimet and … um … who else? See? Even we don’t know.

Anyway, someone who has chosen to remain anonymous has so kindly done their research about the underground rap scene in Malaysia, a subject he is passionate about. So without further ado, here are some of the underground rappers you might wanna check out, and, if you see them hanging out at your local shisha place, say hello and take a photo for Instagram, maybe?

1. Ical Mosh

A ruthless underground rapper known for his rawness and hard lyricism. Entered the scene in 2010, this fire spitter has been releasing viral tracks such as “Mungkar” and his most recent, “Dunia Kejam”.


Have a go at Ical Mosh’s music:

2. DMentSiLain

Focusing on intricate rhymes and hard punchlines, this rapper never goes on stage without his mask.

Listen to one of his tracks:

3. Quai

Representing Shah Alam, this lyrical genius is only 19 years old. Influenced by the likes of Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller and Kendrick Lamar, his raps consists of steady punchlines and superb wordplay.

What’s a Malaysian Travis Scott/Bryson Tiller/Kendrick Lamar like? Find out:

4. Boi Tasik

All the way from Rawang. Boi got his name from the very well known place over there (Bandar Tasik Puteri). His first debut on the rap stage was the 24K rap battle in March 2017, where he met various veterans of underground such as Dmensilain, Lawalah and many more, but before that he shared stage experience with mimpi rusak as a poetry experimental noise band member along with Tulangkata.

Listen to Boi Tasek here:

5. Kuyashi

Although they are one of the newest groups in the underground scene, these four guys have the flows and lyrical techniques of some of the more experienced rappers in the industry. With a mixture of english and Bahasa flows they will definitely get your head bopping.

Bop your head to the song below:

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