How I Deal With Working In An Agency (That Means Working 25/8), And Staying Fit At The Same Time

“What? I reckon that you don’t have a life of your own then?”, “Do you prep meals to take to work? Your schedule is crazy!”, “Do you even have time for yourself?”, “What happened to your strict gym schedule?”, “What time do you get off work?” – the list of questions go on and on.

You would probably think that those who are in the agency industry either love it or are just barely making it to the surface. As for me, I am an agency girl doubling as a fitness freak who used to count calories in the past. And then, life happened. Here are some the things that I try to do, in order to wade through this dog-eat-dog cycle.

 #1. Exercise


Be it yoga, pilates, cardio, weights, HIIT, FHIT, dance etc, YOU GOTTA DO IT. You know why? It’s healthy do so because your body perspires, your heart palpitates and your blood rushes to your mind. And most of the benefits go to losing body weight and body fats in the long run. Trust me, it helps, I was losing my sanity.

#2. Food


Working long hours and being in foodie crowds made it tough to keep up with my food regime or even meal preps, which I was able to do before being an #agencygirl. I felt healthier, lighter, less sluggish. But eventually, the heavy workload and long hours affected my fitness and eating habits. I was a hormonal angry creature.

That’s when I realised that every individual deserves to be fed and nourished well with a balance of every nutrient available. Friends were making sure I consumed my meals well enough to survive the day, and that I ate cakes or chocolates to stay sane. In this industry, people eat at odd hours, skip meals, and have no appetite to eat when work gets shittier or when they’re just plain exhausted all the damn time.

#3. Me Time

Me Time

I cannot stress how much I crave for this ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME. Dealing and managing people internally and externally can be so exhausting. There are times where I just do not want to socialise or open social media after work. I really have no idea how people ‘slay’.

Most of the time, I would be staring into thin air while I catch up on my TV series, pampering myself, bothering my girlfriends (cause it’s love, people!) or just being quiet in my own little shell, because I don’t think I would want/need to hear people around me screaming.

Some people may take a holiday to unwind, doing the things they like to do, rediscovering their passion/hobbies/interests or just spending time with their friends and family. It is important to have your own ‘me’ time to help you regain your inner balance to face the world (in other words, the courage of not having to give a damn about anyone).

But I guess when all else fails from the above, wine is always the last resort to my daily insanity besides desserts (of course, with fewer amount of calories).

My best friends will know this. 😉

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