The Tunnel

by Charles Anthony Prudente. An abstract of being lost in one’s self.

In a chilled autumn season, it was cold, dark and smelly when I found myself in a dimly lit tunnel. The echoing sound of water drops into a small pool of puddle and squeaking sound of rats. I felt lonely and scared. I walk the tunnel for as long as I notice. Time goes by with every chamber and passage I went through, just to find my way out.

By then I realise that I am lost and trap in a sewage tunnel. Using my breath to keep myself warm as I cover my mouth and nose thus breathe toward the palm of my hands and then I rub my arms. I was thirsty but there was no sign of any clean water around me.

My eyes quiver as I felt my empty stomach growling for fuel. Desperate I am, to leave this place and maybe head to Gracie’s Port, a local diner located few blocks away from my apartment, and get myself a big ass burrito and a hot creamy mushroom soup on the side with a nice cup of warm coffee. Damned I am for craving at this moment. Hours past as I was lost and trapped in here, nevertheless know how I ended up being in this situation.

As I was finding my way out, I felt cold shivers at the back of my neck to my spine as I sense something creeping up behind me. With an increased pace of walking I tried getting away from the mysterious creeper to a certain point I that started running and saw a bright light before me.

The light at the end of the tunnel became brighter and brighter as I ran closer to it. Ultimately, I reached the end of the tunnel. But by then, my body trembled as I started to feel the piercing numbness from my back and see a mysterious sharp and bloody object appeared from my chest in just a split second. All of a sudden I felt my body turn cold as I see flashes of my life before me and find myself falling down a rocky cliff. My eyes slowly closed as I felt everything turned dark.

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