6 Quick Ways To Be Productive On A Monday

We can literally hear you whisper scathingly: “No way in hell I’m ever going to get anything done on a Monday.” But look at this:


Look at it!

A research has shown that Monday is the most productive time for most people. But if you’re feeling like you’re totally off that bandwagon, here are some tips to get back on board…

  1. First, coffee.

Or tea. Whichever gets you alive and kicking. Please avoid coffee if they give you serious palpitations. We don’t want the most productive activity you’ll be doing to be dying.


Mmm, what a nice, steaming, wonderful, cup of death.

  1. Make a quick checklist.

It doesn’t have to be really well thought-out, or super detailed. But you have to group them. Tony Robbins calls it “chunking” – grouping similar to-do items, and then tackling them at one go, one chunk at a time. Take for example, emails. Replying and writing them at the same time is more productive than writing an email, setting up a quick meeting with a colleague, just to come back to write another email, no?


Uh, fair enough.

  1. Try to get at least one thing done, before noon.

Preferably that one thing you left hanging before you bolted out the door on Friday evening.


“Yeah, I’m just gonna put him on hold until I get back on Monday.”

  1. Plan your week out now.

Yeah, well, it’s typical to feel doleful this early during the week, especially since you entertained near-suicidal thoughts just last Sunday night. But before your schedule takes over you, you take over them first. Decide where you’re going and when, and you’ll find yourself a little more excited for the rest of the week to come before the relief that is the weekend.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.39.14 AM.png

“Yes. Monday I’m good for coffee with Tina, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are my psychotic break days… And then Friday is dancing day with the girls.”

  1. Set just one goal for the week.

Again, it doesn’t have to be something grand. Maybe it’s making that one call to that agency that you’ve been putting on hold because you get phone call anxiety. Maybe it’s about time to have that discussion with your colleagues or boss about a project that you can’t handle. Measure your success based on whether you get to do it or not within the week.


(Artwork by Justin James Reed, Don’t Die, 2010)

  1. Get your groceries done.

You don’t have to worry about setting up another day to get your groceries done, so why not just get it done one-shot? Even if you ended up being braindead at work, at least there’s a chance that you WILL get something done, even if it’s not work-related, so groceries do count in the productivity scale.

Young woman shopping in the supermarket,wine shelves

Hey, booze counts under ‘groceries’, right?

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