5 Things I Learnt From Making A DIY Piñata, by Resshaya Roobini

A dear friend of mine turned 21 this year and obviously there was going to be a coming of age soirée. Think heels, continuous flow of liquid courage, lots of slurred ‘I love you guys so much’ towards the end of the night (more like the crack of dawn) and a nostalgic hangover of the night that was.

Ah to be 21 again.

Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to have an atypical element to a typical wild night out birthday party; a piñata. A bright pink, DIY, sassy lookin’, elephant piñata, which was hung from the club ceiling and filled with all them Malaysian childhood favourites (sour plum candy, haw flakes, sumi jelly, white rabbit candy and even Popo)! It was legit highlight of the night!

I strongly suggest ‘drunken piñata’ for all parties and occasions. It was really easy to make, and having ‘Coming to America’ play in the background made the DIY-ing even better.

How To Make A Piñata

You’re going to need:

-A box (nothing fancy, you could just get a used box from your nearest supermarket)
-PVC glue + water mixture
-Tissue roll
-A paint brush
-Crepe paper
-Additional deco (glitter, stickers, googly eyes etc.)
-Patience & good vibes (snacks are encouraged)

Let’s DO This!

1. Download Pinterest, should you require inspirational guidance.

2. Draw and cut out your piñata shapes out of the box.

3. You’re going to have the body pieces and the middle and surrounding pieces to make it container like.

4. Stick all the pieces together, now is not the time to be stingy, just stick away.

5. Create a hole to thread a string through the top of the piñata and leave a small opening for where you’re going to fill the candy.


6. Next you’re gonna channel your inner Neil Buchanan and go full on Art Attack with your PVC glue and water mixture. I didn’t measure my mixture, it was about 1 part glue and 7 to 8 parts water, a very thin mixture.

7. Mummy that structure up with glue mixture and tissue roll, using a brush helps smoothen the sticking process so you can avoid clumps, but it really doesn’t have to be super neat, it’s going to be covered up anyway!


8. Let it dry thoroughly, I left mine for half a day under the fan.

9. Time to pretty it up. Cut up strips about 2 inches in width of crepe paper and fringe the bottom part, cutting up till about 1 to 1.5 inches, and stick the un-fringed portion to the box, best to start from the bottom.


10. Get creative with colours and patterns, there is no wrong combination here! Promise it’ll still turn out great.

11. Thread a string (I used a ribbon because I’m extra like that) through the hole at the top of the piñata, making sure it’s attached to a good base on the inside to avoid it from detaching.

12. Now fill it up through the opening with whatever you want, sweets, chocolates, jewellery (can’t blame a girl for trying eh :P); and close it up with a piece of box that’s already covered in crepe paper.


13. Decorate it in your own magical way and that’s it!


Pinata Lessons ❤

  • You can never have too much arts and crafts supplies! Why buy shoes, when you can buy colourful crepe paper! Don’t even get me started on glitter variants.
  • Scissors are one of man’s greatest inventions (also applicable to instant noodle ingredient sachets while we’re at it….).
  • Having that much of glue in one sitting allows you to stick your ooey-glooey-goopey hand on your boyfriends’ man fur and actually use the phrase “I’m stuck on you”(cringey but aww).
  • Although time consuming, the piñata creating process is super zen and relaxing. Watching it grow (literally) from a basic brown box into a potential Monsters Inc character, totally worth it.
  • Watching a bunch of adults under the influence of alcohol smack the crap out of that beautiful piñata you put hours into creating from scratch, and then scrambling to collect candy on the floor; is absolutely hilarious (embarrassing, but super funny).


So, wait no more amigos, impress your guests with a fancy-pants DIY piñata at your next fiesta!

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