What Can You Do Within One Minute?

In this article, the author would like to share with the readers some life philosophy via some common questions in daily life.

There is an interesting question: what can you do within a minute? Or what can you buy with one USD? This simple question is not as simple as we have imagined before. Not only does it convey the message on how to manage our life effectively, but also it tells the truth of the life.

One minute is enough time for skinning a piece of well-written composition.

One minute is enough time for watching several wonderful ads.

One minute is enough time for chatting with your family or your friends.

One minute is enough time for running a distance of 400 meters.

One minute is enough time for the players to have a last attack on the playground…

Yes, you can see that within a minute we can indeed have many things done. However, that is not the point I want to emphasize here. Time flies and one minute is actually very short. What we can do in this one minute is still limited. The magic here is that if we learn the art to integrate these many minutes together and treasure every minute in our lifetime, then what we have in this single minute is priceless.

Just take another issue for better understanding: what can you buy with one USD? Maybe the answer is that one USD is just affordable for a piece of newspaper, or a bottle of water. However, it is just this piece of newspaper that contains the useful commercial information which can lead you to the way of success. And it is just this bottle of water that can help save a man’s life in the Africa. Now it is obvious that anything in this world deserves our respect no matter how insignificant it seems. For life is just composed of these tiny elements.

Time and money are the two things in the world which make us happy as well as terrified. To learn how to take the best advantage of them is the everlasting work we should do in our lifetime. If you become the master of these tiny things, you will find yourself rich and full of vigor. On the contrary, if you fail to do so, what’s waiting for you ahead is the poor and boring life.

Inspired by these two cases on the time and money, we can think about many other similar subjects, like, what the effects a smile can have on the people around you? Or what the encouragement you can bring to these people who are suffering by just doing them a little favor? The answers for these questions are different though, the meaning or truth lying behind them is definitely the same.

If we value every tiny thing in our life journey, we will find it a fantastic one. You will discover that there are so many things you want to have a try. You will feel the urge to show your love and care to everyone around you.

So, if you are engaged with your work, and feel there is little time to be together with your family members or your dear friends, just spare one single minute to give them a call. It is quite easy and simple for youScience Articles, but what they will get from this one minute is beyond your imagination.

Talina is a student who likes writing and would like to share with the readers her ideas and experiences.

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