10 Things That Would Happen If The Internet Collapsed

We all may not want to admit it but without the internet, our lives will collapse. What do I mean? There are things that without the Internet would be completely useless, things that we may have taken for granted because we use them everyday, things that we often use then one day found out that it uses internet.

10: No More Food In Stores

When I say no more food, i don’t mean that there is going to be absolutely no more food existing on the earth. I mean there will be no more food or snacks available in any store. The reason for this is that many food manufacturers rely heavily on the internet for many things from ordering supplies to shipping and so on.

9: No Access To Money

Think for a moment about the topic of this article, now think about all that hard earned money you got, stored inside your bank account. Can’t wait to cash out all that green, right? Now let’s say the exact day after the internet collapsed, you decide this is the day you cash out that green, what do you see? A long line standing in front of a closed down bank. I’ll let you think about the rest.

8: Unemployment

Food manufacturers are not the only ones who rely so heavily on the internet. Think about all these big companies that rely on the internet for most of their job. As soon the internet crumbles, they crumble as well, and as soon as they crumble, hundreds and thousands of millions of people all fired and left unemployed.

7: Harder Communication

Ok, this one’s not so much of a big surprise, communication on the whole relies heavily on the internet. Without internet powered communication such as email, video calling and so on, we will all have to go back to communication of the old days. We are going to have to go back to communicating by sending letters and other means.

6: Harder Shopping

If you have never shopped for something online at least once, then you have LITERALLY been living under a rock Mr Patrick. Now i am not counting the people who don’t have computers or internet but if you are reading this article right now and you haven’t shopped for anything online, then it’s true you really have been living under a rock. People that have done that know how much internet is needed for this, from placing the order to tracking the shipping, internet is used for almost half of the process.

5: Chaos In Transportation

Not many of you reading this right now, right here would know this but traffic lights, yes, traffic lights use internet,  the thing is traffic lights use the internet to get updates on the traffic, so that means if the internet were to collapse the traffic lights would either keep going except send the wrong signals or the trafic lights will stop completely all around the world, hard to tell what would really happen

4: Harder Research

We may not know how important this one is now but once and more importantly if the internet were to for some reason collapse in order to do research you need to go through hundreds and maybe even thousands of books in a library to find out that specific information. Ever since the internet came alive, everything is available just one click away. Right now that we have internet available all we have to do to get some form of information is “Google It”.

3: Entertainment

Probably going to be a big problem for a whole lot of people. From watching your favorite videos to listening songs, playing games, chatting with your friends, watching movies and so on have all been possible due to the internet. Entertainment has proven to be one of the most important uses of internet.

2: Airport Chaos

Although this one’s pretty obvious, you probably never thought about it before. Since the birth of the internet, it became easier to set appointments for various activities. One of the most important activities were booking flight appointments. Who knows how the airline industry would function at all without the internet.

1: Job Search

Now this one is very important. In addition to unemployment, where are you to find a job without having the internet. With the use of the internet, this has become an easier task. There are endless amount of websites on the internet that feature in this category. Job search is easier now, all thanks to internet.

by Clinton Anumudu

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