5 Reasons why Anything Lah! may work after all

A lot of people have asked me why I started this project. It wasn’t merely about the fame, or leftover giddiness from starting new projects in light of the New Year. Although the latter may be true, this idea has been sitting on the precipice of my mind for years and … refused to kick-start. Whether it was awful timing or laziness (probably a healthy mix of both), but I have finally … FINALLY come to that moment where I think it should be done, and I have a couple of reasons why:


1. People are vicarious

Maybe I’m stretching it a bit too far, because I feel like I am vicarious. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to live in other people’s shoes (not literally, because smelly). I wanted to know how they felt, what they did, what was going through their minds. Some of the articles I’ve read about other people turned out to be the most enriching ones ever, and I have never even met most of them.

Hey--Wyd-meme-39136Pictured: me, wondering what other people around the world are doing. 

Somehow, it felt great to have experienced the lives of others, even if it’s through a phone screen, or a PC. Plus, it kind of gives you perspective, like a “oh wow, what she went through was so bad, my life isn’t so bad” – except in a better way, instead of someone snidely saying, “Stop complaining, it could be so much worse.” Shut up. Go away.

2. A lot of people have a lot to say, but they don’t have the proper outlet

Yeah, talking helps. But nothing is more fulfilling than actually putting it up in a damned article. It’ll leave you feeling much more accomplished. What you get is like, double the amount of relief, and you’ll have an audience reading (hopefully). If you’re writing a hell lot of stuff and the thought that it might never be read by anyone haunts you at night, worry not. I READ IT. You’ve got one fan right here. So write away, and don’t even bother censoring yourself because what’s the point of expressing yourself if you’re going to hold back? Fucking redundant.


Pictured: Poor Jim here has no proper outlet, so he spends his days shouting at nothing. Don’t be like Jim. We’re here for you.


3. It’s a new hobby, maybe

I often cannot find the time to indulge in an art class because, well, they’re too bloody expensive. And I can’t imagine going through the day just to make it to a Muay Thai class. God. I’m tired even thinking about it. But hey, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Or was it Jack? I dunno. The point is, you’ll have something to invest in, to look forward to, and perhaps, enjoy. That’s all I want, and that’s all we human beings want for others, essentially … for them to be happy and relaxed. Except Hitler. Hitler didn’t want that, at all.


Indeed. Better than than a Nazi, any day and either way.


4. You can make new friends

Virtual friends, because I’m pretty sure most of us on here are going to be flaky AF. Either way, knowing that you’re not alone and that you’re heard (or read), is good enough for some. And that’s more than what our real friends can barely offer at times. Plus, it doesn’t require for you to be forced-excited about that gathering next week, the one that you’re planning on bunking, anyway. But hey, if anything, maybe you can write about Foolproof Excuses You Can Use To Bail Out Of Parties/Gatherings. You’re welcome. And thank you in advance for the amount of advice I’m going to be taking from you. See? We’re friends already. We’re giving and taking.


No, not this type of FRIENDS, god damn it!


5. You can write about ANYTHING

Except Beyonce. She’s getting enough coverage as is and please, for the love of God … no more. Anyway, there are no ground rules here. You can write about your pain, your gain, your thoughts, opinions, an idea … anything at all.


In better handwriting, too.

I’ll reiterate, this isn’t about professional writing, it’s about expressing, engaging, connecting and sharing. Recipes, lessons, stories, philosophies, about your boring commute to work and how you saw someone handsome/pretty and you saw an entire romance unfold (as creepy as that sounds, we don’t judge). So come here, now, and write down your bank account details for me… That’s right…



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